Diana Mounter

I’m a designer with an interest in systems thinking, code as a material, and inclusive design. I work remotely for GitHub as their Head of Design. I live in Brooklyn, NY, with my husband and two cats.


GitHub: Dec 2015 - present

As GitHub's Head of Design I lead a cross-functional team including Product Design, Customer Research, Brand and Marketing Design, Design Infrastructure, Design Engineering, and Design Operations. My team is responsible for the end-to-end user experience of GitHub's products, brand direction for key events such as GitHub Universe, and delivering compelling launch campaigns such as Copilot X.
Since joining GitHub in 2015, I led the Primer design systems team and developed Primer from a CSS framework to mature design system of components, documentation, and tooling. Under my leadership, the team also shipped a significant visual rededesign and the biggest changes to the repository homepage in 5+ years. In 2020, my team delivered one of GitHub's most highly requested features – Dark mode.
In the first half of 2022 we were in a hyper-growth phase and I grew the team by 42%, onboarding designers, researchers, design engineers, managers and directors across the organization. I've developed the team’s practices and processes, and built new specialist design teams such as growth design and accessibility design. Through my role leading design systems and now leading the Design Org, I've also been working to build a more inclusive design culture and experience for our customers.

Etsy: Dec 2013 - Dec 2015

Prior to joining GitHub, I spent several years at Etsy, where I worked on re-designing seller tools, developed the design onboarding process, taught new designers how to push code, and was part of a small team that built a new design system.
Check out my LinkedIn profile for more details on my work history.


I speak at design and technology events across the U.S. and around the world. I am motivated by the opportunity to share my experiences and learnings with others and to help others grow in their careers. Many of my talks have been focused on design systems, but I also speak about leadership, design culture, and inclusive design.

A selection of my talks:

A PR to Design Leadership

Figma Config, June 2023

The Diff After Dark Mode

Clarity Conf, October 2021

Themeability is the path to dark mode

ReactConf AU, February 2020

The Secret Lives of Color Systems

Smashing Conf Toronto, June 2019

Color from Chaos

AIGA Design Conference, April 2019

Design Systems and React

ZEIT React Meetup, August 2018

Interaction of Color Systems

CSS Conf Australia, March 2018

Design Systems: when and how much?

Active Ingredients, April 2017

Building Scalable Design

Design Driven, November 2014

Side projects

Most of these side projects are no longer active, but sometimes I like to look back at them and remember what inspired me to do them at the time.


React Podcast: Make Brilliant Messes

In this episode with Emily Plummer, we talk with Chantastic about Rails, Lerna, monorepos, Figma, component APIs, and the importance of supporting designers and engineers with your design system.

Design Details: Cats & Design Systems

In this episode with Brent Jackson, we dig into the tools and workflows we’ve developed when working on systems, what we’re excited about in design systems, and talk about the technologies that are changing the way we build.

Design Better Podcast: from design silos to design system

From design silos to design systems. I talk with Eli Woolery and Aaron Walter from InVision about navigating the path from style guide contributor to full-time design systems manager.

Interview avec Chloe Freslon pour URelles.com

De travailler avec la couleur dans l’imprimé et sur le web, les défis techniques, et pourquoi il est difficile de devenir un expert en couleur.

Full Stack Radio, episode 75

In this interview I talk about using design systems to tame legacy CSS, and how GitHub is using utility classes to make it easier to build more consistent, maintainable user interfaces.

UXPin interview

In this interview I talk about lessons learned in building and maintaining GitHub’s design system, Primer.

Design Details: Itchy Feet

In this episode I talk about my journey to Etsy, the startup bus, why Git is a valuable tool for designers and the hardest part about onboarding designers.