Diana Mounter

I’m a designer with an interest in systems thinking, code as a material, and inclusive design. I work remotely for GitHub as their Head of Design. I live in Brooklyn, NY, with my husband and two cats.

A bit about me

I grew up in the UK (Dorset and Hampshire mostly) and I started my career in print design in the UK. I lived in Paris for a few magical years when I was a teenager, where I think I caught the itch to travel.
In my early 20's I went back-packing to Australia to see how I'd "survive" on my own, and ended up living there for ~8 years, and became a citizen. While I was there I worked in a state government organization for 5 years and formed a community and conference series for local government web developers. My desire to do meaningful work took me to a small design agency in Syndey that specialized in environmental and social change projects, and I got to do some of my best work and grow as a designer.
After taking a trip to the U.S. in 2011 to compete in the Startup Bus hackathon, I moved to San Francisco and got to experience the wonders of the Silicon Valley tech scene. I worked for a big data company called Vast, and then and iOS app startup called Snapguide.
In 2013 I moved to NYC for a job with Etsy, where I helped re-design their seller tools, taught new designers how to push code, and was part of a small team that built a new design system.
I still live in Brooklyn with my cat, Leia, and my husband, Jackson, working remotly for GitHub. I never had a plan to live in NYC, but there is something about the place that has kept me here, and—at the moment at least—it feels like home. Don't ask me which place I've lived I think is best, I believe in living in the moment. Wherever I am right now is best place to me ;)