Diana Mounter

I'm a designer with a passion for the web. I specialize in design systems and have a background in user-centered design. Currently leading design systems at GitHub and organizer for Design Systems Coalition NYC. I write and speak about design, code, and working with people. Living in Brooklyn, NY, and loving it.


Design Systems Handbook: putting your design system into practice

This chapter focusses on how to encourage adoption of your design system, publishing and distribution methods, and considerations for making your design system public vs private.

How to Empower Designers to Code

For many designers the best way to learn front-end development is on the job. Many companies want to attract designers who code, but may fall short of providing enough support.

Rebuilding the Foundation of Etsy’s Seller Tools

How we redesigned the seller-facing web app, and built a new style guide in the process. Written for Etsy’s Code as Craft blog, in collaboration with coworkers from the shop management team.

Embracing Change in Your Workplace

The biggest challenges you face in a workplace are often not in how to build the product but in how to build a healthy work environment.

Move Fast and Make Something (of your life)

I spent the majority of my first trip to America looking at a computer screen, while sat on a bus that traveled from San Francisco to Austin. It turned out to be a life-changing experience.


The DSC is a community for people who build design systems to share and learn from each other. I organize the NYC chapter which I formed in December 2016.
I helped form the GitHub design systems team in early 2016. I contribute to and guide the evolution of Primer, our (proudly) open-sourced design system.


Color Systems @ Design Driven, March 2017

Interaction of Color Systems

Clarity, November 2017

Introducing Systems into Chaos

RETHINK Product Design Series, August 2017

Design Systems: when and how much?

Active Ingredients, April 2017

Color Systems

Design Driven, March 2017

Panel: Real Talk About Design Systems

AIGA, February 2017

Building Design Systems at GitHub

Design Systems Coalition NYC, December 2016

Competence, Compassion, and Confidence

Wildhacks, November 2016

Empowering Designers to Code - 2nd edition

Awwwards, November 2016

How to Build Style Guides Everyone Loves

Designers Who Code, June 2016

All The Things I Know About Design Systems

Clarity, March 2016

Empowering Designers to Code

FOWD, November 2015

Building Scalable Design

Design Driven, November 2014

Design for People

Metis, November 2014

Responding to Change

Agile Asbury, October 2014
More talks on speakerdeck and slideshare.

Side projects


Full Stack Radio, episode 75

In this interview I talk about using design systems to tame legacy CSS, and how GitHub is using utility classes to make it easier to build more consistent, maintainable user interfaces.

UXPin interview

In this interview I talk about lessons learned in building and maintaining GitHub’s design system, Primer.

Design Details, episode 74

Hear me talk about my journey to Etsy, the startup bus, why Git is a valuable tool for designers, and onboarding designers at Etsy.